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ASH Challenges & Fitness

A Certified, Commissioned, Licensed & a Fitness Enthusiast.

Been one-on-one training the Cochin Folks Since 2012.

Whether be it to cut-off some unhealthy fats or gain-on some healthy

muscles you are @ the right place.

I am just a click away.

I assure you, a better self of yours!

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About Me

I'm Aashique, a professional Fitness Trainer. My Motto is to give workout sessions/lessons to people who wish to

change their physique, not just to construct the outer looks but also help

build the inner strength.

I am a strategic Fitness Trainer.

There is No ONE SIZE FITS ALL sort of training.

Everyone requires different levels of training , they have different goals to

acquire so I custom the Workout /Diet plans accordingly.

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What I Do

I Help you reserve all the energy into accomplishing your health &

fitness goals.

I provide functional fitness training with different programs.

Do look into my diverse concepts & choose the one that suits you!

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The Concepts
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Online Training


Is your busy schedules keeping you away from hitting the gym/ you don’t  have one in your proximity? Then get your gym at your space  anytime/anywhere. 
I provide online training sessions with the same intensity that you acquire  from a fitness club; all you got to do is find time.

Fat to Fit (Body Transformation)


I can help the heavier you to perfectly cut down the extra flabs and help  you mould the desired body you want. 
I custom-built programs in a way that suits your body and guarantee a  model’s physique.

Absolute Yoga


Help yourself foster for the better version of you. 
Undo your unconscious habits & reshape your lifestyle with absolute yoga. Mobility, strength, balance & flexibility are the highlights. Join in for a session today!

Crossfit Training


The most trending and the most high-intensity training in the fitness  world. 
If you are a sports person/an usually active person I can train you the  right way by constructing great physical strength and aid in cardio vascular fitness.

Personal Training


Help meet your fitness goals and you will be satisfied with the level of  training I provide you, in addition to your good healthy looks you are a  offered a financial bonus too! 
Gift yourself a healthier you by joining my Fit Fam!

Muscle Building


Make yourself look confident than ever.This set of training includes a  series of programs that eventually helps in building strength & changes  your emotional state making you feel tougher & healthier.
It helps maintain healthy body weight.
Tone a perfect you!

Flexibility Training


The most neglected training by many and the most important  one-stretching; 
This program works on the muscles making their movements smooth &  the injury level gradually fades. 
Are you a person who have discomfort when confined in a space for a long  period of time? 
Then why wait? chose Me & start your flexibility training.

Calisthenics Training


Let your resting metabolic rate boost up. 
The Training uses minimal equipments and a lot of body movements, with  an immense adrenaline rush making you feel lighter & healthier. 
I help you build a strong brain-body connection with this training.

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Outdoor Training


If you are a person who dislikes the hustle & bustle in the fitness centres  then this training is for your kind. 
Working out with the nature is always a bonus, it boosts your mind &  body. 
I ensure giving you a feeling of calmness with a rhythmic breathing  pattern, lesser stress and a happy mood.

Nutrition Dietician


Get an expert guidance on every meal or snack you munch on. 
I evaluate your condition & help you plan the perfect platter with the right  amount of micro/macro nutrients that your body requires. 
Eat right at the right time.

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Home: Testimonials
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"Aashique’s presence during workouts has always motivated and helped  me try out complex and new things without making me feel awkward.  Training with him has made fitness more lovable. I am so much healthier  now with outburst of energy."

Lerin Joy

30 days transformation challenge

(90 - 79 kg)


Who I Am

Your Fitness Guru

A healthy lifestyle starts with a fit body. I am here to identify your fitness goals, design a perfect program for your needs and drive you through every workout.

I’ve been helping clients within the Ernakulam area change the way they look and feel since 2012. My expertise and holistic approach to health and fitness can have you ever feeling nice in no time. What square measure you waiting for? I’m here to assist. Pack your bag and let’s begin your fitness journey. Reach out these days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

The basic equipment you need are;

Jump rope, slam ball, resistance band, yoga set, dumbells. Further it depends on the training program you opt.

Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan?

Absolute zero charge.

My program is a package that includes workout plans and diet plans.  So you need not worry about the extra charge.

How are you different from regular trainer at a gym?

Gym trainers work on the idea of "One Size Fits All Training". Whereas, I am concerned I study & assess you completely, your body  type, health issues, any convulsions, what training suits your body  type, etc; only then I tailor-make workout/diet plans accordingly.

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